Pavilion 15.jpg


Rothesay Pavilion lies at the heart of the island community of Bute.  Designed by award-winning architect James Andrew Carrick, it is a brilliant example of 1930s international modernism and has served Bute and its visitors since its opening as everything from grand ballroom and concert hall to wedding venue, civic centre and sports hall. It has hosted tea dances and big band concerts, community pantomimes, rock concerts, conferences, football tournaments, horticultural shows, birthday parties and political gatherings. After eighty years of continuous and sustained use, battered by the elements on its seafront location, this iconic edifice is showing its age, and in 2010 Rothesay Pavilion was placed on the 'buildings at risk' register. Shortly after, a plan was launched to rescue the Pavilion and a new charity formed in 2014 to lead the restoration project.  Multiple funders came on board and in September 2015 the Pavilion closed its doors to the public. Four months later work started on site, the beginning of a complicated and phased project that will take more than three years to complete with the reopening planned for late Autumn/Winter of 2019.

In 2016 the first phase of Rothesay Pavilion's restoration kicked off with several months of 'enabling' works - progress inside the building was tracked with GoPro cameras - this is the resulting time lapse film.